What Are Pop Its?

Hey there! So… Pop It toys, huh? They seem to be taking the world by storm! Social media has been a way for many toy distributors to advertise their sensory toys, especially by way of kids showing off various ones they own. Places like TikTok are rife with these videos, and it’s an interesting phenomenon, watching them explode in pop-ularity the way they have. Kids love sensory challenges and one of the benefits of the Pop It toy trend is stimulating a child’s mind. But what are Pop Its really? Let’s explore that a little!

Bubble Wrap In One Easy Sensory Toy

What makes a good fidget toy? There are a million different kids available nowadays, from the ever-popular fidget spinner to the simplistic silicon stretch noodle. What makes a game or toy fun for a child is that they can present a learning opportunity or flex their fine motor skills, stimulating their minds. The great thing about these sensory toys is the fact that they come in so many sizes and varieties, every color of the rainbow, tie dye, or transparent glitter.

Pop Its are interesting because they seemed to have only gained popularity recently, but the toy itself is actually much older. In the mid-70s, a couple who loved inventing games and toys for children tried to popularize their triangle-shaped version, but it didn’t take off quite the way it has almost 50 years later. A different company took the patent in 2009, but the ‘nuclear reaction’ to their burgeoning popularity didn’t come along until toymakers began approaching social media influencers on apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tik Tok. The latest toy craze explosion went from there, and it hasn’t slowed down since. Everything from alternate name brands to knockoffs has become widely available all across the globe.

The Pop Its toy is a silicone mold with ‘bubbles’ that make a slight popping sound, you push the buttons in, flip it over when you run out, and repeat. They can come in a variety of shapes and colors, everything from tie dye unicorns to game characters. Some are smaller, able to be attached to a keychain, and taken on the go easily. It’s a fun activity for any person, whether they’re a child or an adult. It’s a wonderful anxiety relief tool, even being a sort of aid in the classroom allowing a student or kid to focus on their learning.

On top of that, people and kids have begun using the molds in more creative ways, such as filling them with water for bubble ice-cubes, damp sand to aid in sandcastles, or even chocolate that hardens over time in the shape of their toy. Because of their usually silicone-based manufacturing process, they’re easy to clean even when turned into a big mess!

There are a million ways to play with these things, some kids are even doing ‘fidget trade games’ where they trade their snap toys with other kids as if it’s some kind of card trading game from days gone. The phenomenon is fascinating when you get down to the details of it. With the endlessly stimulating way people use their slight popping sound, it has been proven that it can help any kid or adult alike who struggle to focus, might be on the Autism spectrum, have PTSD, or struggling with any other problems or developmental delays.

Popping Into The Future

So what do you think of these toys that have popped into the social sphere? Their history is a fascinating one if the appeal of endless bubble wrap isn’t enough to pique your interest. Just the sensation surrounding them alone is wild! Social media and the heightened awareness of anxiety in children make this a push pop fidget toy worth studying in some capacity, even if you might not enjoy them yourself. They’re piled in with other stim-toys, and for good reason!

Whether you find the social, historical, or psychological research into this subject as interesting as we do, or you just love playing with endless bubble wrap and want to know more, you can find additional information about what you’re looking for here. These toys have taken the world for a ride, and it seems like they’re here to stay. Exploring the origins, how we can play with them, and even where to get them is worth looking into!

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What Are Pop Its?

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