Pop Its and Tik Tok Fame

You’ve heard of them, they’re everywhere social media exists it seems. Pop Its! They’re a sensory toy like many others, used often for children, teenagers, and adults to ease anxiety, or aid in developing fine motor skills for a child. A person can find neverending enjoyment with this latest toy craze, much the way a stress ball helps quash the daily worry the modern world puts on all of us.

It’s impossible to deny the trend explosion behind Pop Its, as the fidget toy has over 2.5 billion views under the hashtag of its name on the social media giant TikTok. With Pop Its Tik Tok channels gaining hundreds of thousands of followers, sometimes overnight, who enjoy the fun activity of endlessly popping bubble wrap. It’s safe to say it’s surpassed even the fidget spinner craze, with the latest videos out there garnering billions of views. Whether they’re pouring melted chocolate chips inside the holes, playing the pop it bubble game, or collecting the silicone sensory tools from every toy store in the land, these kid TikTok user gurus have taken full advantage of this reusable bubble wrap and the app itself to rise to fame.

A TikTok video with the hashtag #PopIt might gain thousands of views in the first hour it appears, giving many a taste of the sensory challenges these fun toys exhibit. It’s practically free advertising, creating a ‘nuclear reaction’ of sales according to FoxMind, the owner of the original name-brand Pop It! and Go PoP toys. The popularity of this fun sensory toy shocked even the current patent owners after the original toy created about 50 years ago was a veritable flop in terms of sales and demand. Today is a completely different story, with teenagers capitalizing on this toy trend in every which way and on every screen through fun game playing and white chocolate bar making in ways you would never expect.

The power of social media is apparent with the rising fame of Pop Its, giving way to the conversation brands and advertisers need to have: traditional advertising simply is not as effective as it was 30 years ago. Approaching influencers and content creators to show off their product was one of FoxMind’s greatest investments, as their toy sales for Pop Its have skyrocketed into the stratosphere. This also gave rise to a plethora of knock-offs and imitations of varying quality, but no less variety. No one can really say how long the popularity will last, but one thing is for sure: people love to pop!

Whether you think this trend has any merit or is just another fad like a lot of other toys of days gone, it might be interesting to learn the history of just where these bubble wrap sensory toys came from. You might even be surprised! Finding where to get your very own Pop Its are also readily available, as well as finding ways to play with this fascinating toy with others. We’ve done our homework!

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Pop Its and Tik Tok Fame

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