Pop It Bubble Games

Pop Its! Pop Its in every shape, color, and size! They’re everywhere, aren’t they? You push the colorful bubbles in for the whole thing, flip it over, repeat! It’s as simple as that, right? What if you’re a little bored with just the simple bubble wrap inspired typical use, though? What are some other ways to play with this trendy fidget toy? There’s more than you might think! It can be fun to play with more than one person even, giving more options for fun challenges involving your child’s new favorite toy.

So Many Bubble Games To Play

One of the most popular bubble related games you can play with more than one player is something akin to connect four. In a veritable puzzle game, you attempt to attain victory over your opponent by connecting your bubbles before they do. Whether it’s a timed challenge or a certain amount needed to win, it can be a fun test of skill. Some Pop Its available are made purely for these sorts of games, having an organized colored bubble setup that lets the challengers choose their team color. The vast majority of these fidgets have the same colored bubbles, but as long as everyone is in agreement, something like tic-tac-toe or connect four is a fantastic way to play!

Another Pop It bubble game for younger kids that can be utilized by teachers and parents alike is using a felt tip pen to write numbers or letters on the bubbles. It can help a kid with learning the ABCs, counting, addition, multiplication, you name it! Many teachers love this method of utilizing bubble pop games and challenges, allowing them to play games with their students while ensuring memorable learning.

Another game for these little toys is called Last One Lost. The premise is that on your turn, you pop as many or as few bubbles in a single row before letting your opponent go next. Whoever has the last of the unpopped bubbles at the very end of the level is the loser, then you flip and repeat! Thinking your moves ahead, strategizing, and using math for popping bubbles in this game means it’s perfect for early learning.

The next game does not involve any popping, but it seems to be a craze all the same. Fidget trading is hugely popular among the generations toying around with Pop Its. Usually, there’s a board, homemade or otherwise, with a plus, a minus, and a checkmark. The two players add a toy to their side of the board, and if they think it’s worth more or less, they slap their hand down onto the add or subtract signs on their side to make the opposing player put something better or take something off. When both are in agreement that the value on each side is the same, they slap their checkmarks and pull the trade of colorful bubbles from the other side in.

The most wonderful thing about all of these games is that most can be played with every size of fidget toys available, from the foot long to even the keychain ones! Without the worry of noisy parts, an extensive setup, or lost small pieces, it’s every parent’s dream. Well, maybe it’s just mine! Losing parts of a game my son enjoyed was always a pain.

Fun For Anyone

So what do you think? Flexing some adaptive skills, you could come up with bubble popping games of your very own. It can be a wonderful way to pass the time or interact with your kids! There are all kinds of ways to play with even the most simple Pop Its, making it a fantastically versatile addition to the toy chest (or your car keys). Whether you’re 8 or 80, everyone loves a classic game of bubble wrap. If it were adaptive, endless, and made of easy to clean materials, that would make it even better.

There’s a fascinating history behind these trendy toys and their rise to fame if you’re interested! Keep reading if you’d like to find out more about Pop Its and their slow bounce into the social sphere on Facebook and Tik Tok, as well as their fascinating origins from roundabout 50 years ago. Information on where you can get your hands on a Pop It of your own can be found too!

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Pop It Bubble Games

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