How Do Pop Its Work?

Pop Its, Pop Its everywhere! You might have heard your child watching videos about them on YouTube or TikTok; maybe they even came and asked you for one, their big, cute eyes doing that begging expression all parents recognize. But what are Pop Its, what are they for, and how do Pop Its work? We’ve done all the research needed on these new fancy fidget objects and slapped it in some easy reading, just for you!

Long story short: it’s a fidget toy, or a sensory toy, that acts similar to bubble wrap. Everyone knows and loves bubble wrap, don’t they? Well, what if the bubble wrap didn’t have to be thrown away after it was done popping? What if it could be turned over and popped all over again? In comes the Pop It! The popper of many uses! These fidget items have all the fun snaps of bubble wrap, but none of the stress and mess of the normal paper or plastic kind.

Much like the famed fidget spinner or infamous Rubix cube, these sensory toys and fidget objects are beloved by children and adults alike for combining the fun activity of mind stimulation with anxiety relief and even education through the bang snap firecracker-type sound of this incredible popping toy. Parents and teachers love these because they can create a conducive learning environment for a kid who might have trouble focusing or a high level of stress, while younger children learn to tune their fine motor skills at home and in the classroom.

They’re made of silicone (an easy-to-clean dream, we know), create a satisfying popping sound, and come in every color of the rainbow alongside an excess of sizes and shapes. People use these for far more reasons than you might realize, but let’s get into how they work and where the hype is.

Simply put, you press each bubble much the way you would with a classic sheet of bubble wrap, listen to the popping sound, flip it over, repeat! Kids and adults enjoy a variety of popping methods, to the beat of a song or timed just right, or maybe just to listen to the fun bang snap sound of the fidget items. There are a hundred different ways to pop, and it never has to end either, since the silicone base is reversible. Whether your popper is a square foot large sheet or tiny and in the shape of an Among Us crewmate, the methods of popping are all the same.

These can be good for a teacher to keep kids busy in the classroom, to prevent them from playing with projectiles or writing on the desks with a sharpie all day long. Whether it is kids with anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), or just people who want to hone their math or fine motor skills, these fidget objects and their fun snaps will keep them busy, entertained, and educated.

If you’d like to learn other ways to play with these trendy sensory toys, what their history might be, how they rose to fame, and even where to get your own if you haven’t already, we have you covered. Happy popping!

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How Do Pop Its Work?

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