Pop Its: Where To Get Some!

Pop Its and the phenomenon surrounding them sure are interesting, aren’t they? A fidget toy that’s reached a peak much like the fidget spinner craze, this bubble wrap inspired sensory toy has captured the hearts of many, as a kid or an adult. Whether it’s for utilization in the classroom, aid in the development of a child’s fine motor skills, or lessening generalized anxiety, Pop Its have their uses. They also come in a ton of shapes, colors, and sizes. Anything from a massive rainbow sheet to a tiny baby Yoda, you’re sure to find something that tickles your fancy.

Finding out where to buy Pop Its might be a Google search away, but we went ahead and did some of the work for you with this helpful list! Whether you want a product in a store or the ability to buy online, we’ve got you covered in your hunt for the perfect snap game poppers to let you get on this toy trend and get that perfect item or product in your hand as soon as possible!


This might seem obvious, but it can be hard for any parent, students, or regular shopper person to parse through knock-off products. Amazon might offer the best prices and a decent variety, everything from keychain poppers to the giant sheets you see on social media. The only drawback is waiting on shipping, or not having enough to qualify for free shipping if you aren’t a prime member. Still, it’s on this list for a reason!


Ah, the humble, giant Walmart; the massive super-store chain produces and sells so many things, it would be a shock if it weren’t on this list. Beneficial for low prices and a wide variety, taking a look here would be a missed opportunity, any shape or color like tie dye can be found here, even in a large pack allowing teachers to buy them for their classroom students.


The red and white alternative to Walmart, just as beloved for its options and prices of those incredible slight popping sound snap toys. Target is well-known for having a contract with the toy companies that produce Pop Its, allowing security in knowing you’re getting the real deal.

Barnes and Noble

A, perhaps surprising, addition to this list is one of the last bookstore chains. Barnes and Noble actually carry name-brand Pop Its and other novelties. You might find some easy reading while you’re there, too!


It might not be a name-brand toy you find here, but hundreds of independent creators allow you the option of custom-made Pop Its! You get the assurance you’re purchasing something unique while supporting small businesses at the same time.


While you can’t purchase their games and toys online directly from their website, they do have a store locator that tells you where you can find their products being sold! They employ third-party toy store locations all over, such as Learning Express branches. Using their approved stores is one way to ensure you get a name-brand product.


If you want dirt-cheap and an excess of knock-off varieties, AliExpress might be something to consider. The drawbacks are the amount of time it takes to ship, as it tends to be international sellers; this and the fact that it’s all but guaranteed to be anything other than name-brand makes it lower on this list.


Wish is basically the same as AliExpress but with a different color palette. A good alternative if you already have an account with one and not the other.

So What’s Best?

Really, that answer is up to you! There’s a plethora of variety on the market, both online and in physical locations. If you prefer no-contact due to the way the world is, or if you’d like to really feel what you’re purchasing first, preference is no problem, since these bubble popping toys are so popular they’re available almost anywhere. There’s even a few learning cafes and mall locations we didn’t add to the list!

Sensory tools like Pop Its and other social media trend toys can be a fun way for kids or adults to play, pass time, relieve stress, and so much more. Who knows how much longer their popularity will last, but it’s still fun and charming right now.

If you’d like to read more about the history and uses for these fascinating sensational fidget toys, you’re in the right place. There’s a ton of information and research available here, keep going if you’re enjoying your time so far!

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Pop Its: Where To Get Some!

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